• 15mg Selank per bottle
  • 6 month shelf life at room temperature
  • 10 mL nasal spray delivers approximately 100 sprays.

    Selank is a peptide taken nasally. This is because the stomach digests it if taken orally.Inhaling it is a better way to deliver it to the brain. The recommended dosage is 2-3 tiny drops in each nostril for 2-3 times a day.

    WHAT IS SELANK AND WHAT ARE THE POTENTIAL BENEFITS OF TAKING IT?medicines on shelf | What Is Selank And What Are The Potential Benefits Of Taking It? | selank | FeaturedBy Dr. SeedsSelank is one of the rising nootropics today. What is it exactly, and what are its potential benefits? Let’s find out.Disclaimer: The purpose of this post is to present medical studies and information in an accessible manner. This post may contain opinions about this particular drug but it does not mean that it is recommended for all readers. Always consult a medical professional to see if these solutions may be right for you.RELATED: What Are Peptides And Should You Take Them?Take A Chill Pill At 20% OFF! Enter Your Email To Get YoursIn this article:What Is Selank?What Are the Potential Benefits of Selank?How Do You Use Selank?What Are the Kinds of Selank Available?How Is It Different from Semax?What Other Things Should I Consider Before Taking It?Where Can You Buy Selank?What Are the Benefits of Selank and Other FAQsWhat Is Selank?Selank, also known as TP-7, is a synthetic peptide derived by combining the sequence of tuftsin with another sequence to improve its stability. Tuftsin makes up one part of the IgG antibody and is naturally occurring.Tuftsin Definition: A peptide closely related to the immune function primarily supported by the spleenOn top of its immunity boosting, anti-anxiety, antidepressant, and antiasthenic properties, it can also enhance memory and cognitive function. This peptide can potentially replace stimulants, tranquilizers, and antidepressants.Antiasthenic Definition: A drug that counters asthenia, a disorder characterized by an abnormal physical weakness or lack of energyWhile research isn’t yet conclusive, there are studies that observed the ability of Selank to stabilize blood enkephalins—natural peptides in the body that can reduce stress. Another research also reported it to have been able to change levels of serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine, the neurotransmitters involved in motivation, focus, and pleasure.What Are the Potential Benefits of Selank?Given the current data on Selank, here are the potential benefits you can get from taking it.1. May Improve Anxietywoman having anxiety problem | What Is Selank And What Are The Potential Benefits Of Taking It? | selank | selank vs semaxSelank can help in taming down anxious feelings.Selank is an anxiolytic peptide, which helps combat stress and anxiety. Here’s what the literature says about this:A study with a randomized controlled trial of 62 patients found out that those who took Selank had fewer symptoms of anxiety. One promising caveat observed in the same study is the greater decrease in those participants with pre-existing anxiety disorders.This similar effect was observed in another randomized controlled trial with 60 anxiety and phobia patients.A study of 70 anxiety patients reported that Selank increased the effects of phenazepam, a banned anti-anxiety drug in the U.S. while reducing its side effects.Studies in mice also showed Selank’s anxiolytic effects. The more anxious a subject is in the beginning, the more significant the result is.Another animal study confirmed the long-term anxiolytic effect of Selank without causing any changes in body mass.While these findings show promising Selank benefits, it is important to remember to seek your doctor’s approval before using Selank in treating anxiety disorders. As a general rule, you should never take any peptide or medication other than what your physician prescribed.2. May Improve Learning AbilityA study in mice showed Selank’s capability to improve learning ability within three days. The subjects treated with the peptide learned quicker on an electrical test.Other effects observed were reduced anxiety, helping them move faster.3. May Enhance MemoryIn a 30-day trial in rats, Selank showed to have stabilized memory traces in rats. It is unclear, however, how the measurements were done since memory traces aren’t detectable as locations in the brain.There’s also a study that concluded it might preserve memories in monkeys.4. May Help with Brain Damage Recoveryman holding digital image brain | What Is Selank And What Are The Potential Benefits Of Taking It? | selank reviewSelank also improves brain activity.Researchers found Selank to restore the brain activity of mice with toxin-induced brain damage to normal levels.5. May Increase Liver Antioxidant ActivityA study in mice showed that injecting the stressed subjects with Selank increase the levels of antioxidants in their livers.Everyones Stressed, But Are You SUPER STRESSED? Find Out HERE!6. May Help Strengthen Immune FunctionIn one study, Selank increased blood IL-6, an inflammatory protein that can help fight infection, levels of depression patients.A different cell-based study found that Selank induced the release of the anti-viral molecules interferons. In this study, Selank did not show any treatment effect in virus-infected mice.7. May Help with Alcohol Withdrawalman holding glass of beer | What Is Selank And What Are The Potential Benefits Of Taking It? | selank dosageHaving a hard time quitting alcohol? Try taking Selank.In one study, rats were given a 10% ethanol solution as their only drinking source in the span of 24 weeks to recreate alcohol intake. It found out that Selank decreased alcohol-withdrawal-related anxiety of the rats after a 48-hour period.8. May Help with Blood Pressure Management and Increase Brain Blood FlowSelank decreased the blood pressure of sedated cat subjects by about 30% for 3 minutes in this study. It also increased the cats’ brain blood flow by about 24% for up to 10 minutes.9. May Help with Weight Loss and Reducing CholesterolResearchers found that when treated with Selank, high-fat-fed mice gained 35% less weight. On top of that, the total cholesterol of the subject dropped by over 58%, while their blood sugar level decreased by 23.5%.10. May Improve Ulcersman having stomach ache | What Is Selank And What Are The Potential Benefits Of Taking It? | selank reviewsSelank may help with stomach ulcer problems.Selank decreased the area of stomach ulcers in animal research subjects. This is attributed to the peptide’s ability to increase lymph flow to the stomach.11. Helps Reduce StressStress can be caused by a lot of different things, and the body reacts to it in various ways, as well. For instance, some bodies respond to stress by increasing the production of liver enzymes.One study conducted on rats showed that Selank reduced liver enzyme production.Additionally, a separate experiment found that Selank may influence the effect of benzodiazepine drugs. The study concluded that when combined with diazepam, it can provide a favorable effect in reducing anxiety in chronic mild stress conditions.Benzodiazepine Definition: A type of tranquilizer12. May Help with Parkinson’s DiseaseParkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative disorder characterized by muscular rigidity, slow and imprecise movement, and tremors. Clinical trials found significant results, such as:Improved moodDecreased tremorsBetter sleep qualityDecreased tearfulnessLively reflexes


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