• 1 grams NooPept per 10mL bottle
  • 1 spray delivers approximately 10mcg Noopept
  • 100 Sprays Per 10mL
  • 6 month shelf life at room temperature



Nasal delivery bypasses the GI tract and delivers NooPept directly to the bloodstream.

Noopept is a nootropic and is marketed as a smart drug or cognitive enhancer. It is a dipeptide and is 1000 time stronger than piracetam drugs. It acts as a modulator for the transmission of acetylcholine and improves the functionality of brain receptors. 

Recommened Nasal Spray Dosage is 2 Sprays In The A.M.

Cognitive Enhancer

Ampakinic drugs like Noopept are such an effective modulator of our human abilities of focus and perception that they've been researched for military applications by DARPA. In a survey of over 200 Noopept users, 63% reported that it improved their overall cognition. An Australian biohacker reportedI've been really pleased with the efficacy of noopept. "It's really helped improve my performance at work, my mental arithmetic has improved tremendously - something I struggled with prior to starting Noopept. My focus and retention are also improved while on it."

Memory Enhancement

It enhances memory formation via its cholinosensitizing effect and neurotrophin production. There's some nuance that I'd like to explain about how it improves your memory...Noopept improves memory formation as opposed to memory recall. So it would be a more beneficial memory aid if it's January 1st and your New Year's Resolution is to learn a new language and you're going to start studying as soon as your hangover wears off. It would be less helpful if you studied (or spoke fluently) a language when you were younger but it's been decades and it's a bit rusty.However, it's not so simple to say that memory formation and memory recall are different things, they are in fact, somewhat intertwined, to quote from the book The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our BrainsThe brain that does the remembering is not the brain that formed the initial memory . In order for the old memory to make sense in the current brain , the memory has to be updated . ” Biological memory is in a perpetual state of renewal . The memory stored in a computer , by contrast , takes the form of distinct and static bits ; you can move the bits from one storage drive to another as many times as you like , and they will always remain precisely as they were. (pp. 191-192)To synopsize; recalling old memories or refreshing old skills re-contextualizes these things to our current life and state of mind. The best way to learn new skills and knowledge is to intertwine it in your mind with the skills and knowledge that you have already mastered.Noopept will aid you more in acquiring a new skill or knowledge a lot more than in recalling the past.

NooPept Nasal Spray – BE LIMITLESS 99% Purity

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