This kit will include
x5 BPC-157 5 MG
x5 TB-500 2.5 MG

All peptides have came back with 99% purity.

BPC-157 Heal’s tendons and bones in a way that rivals conventional surgical methods; Stimulates the healing of the bones and ligaments by promoting improved cell survival and cell migration. These results are based on rodent research on mice that were affected by an Achilles tendon rupture. The mice had the peptide administered to them through drinking water; It has the ability to offset the gut-damaging effects that you get from taking NSAIDs like Advil and Ibuprofen. Scientists were so amazed at the results that they called BPC-157 an antidote to NSAIDs; Mice with inflammatory bowel disease healed within days of orally ingesting the peptide; It has been shown to heal periodontitis in mice. In fact, BPC-157 is so effective at healing this condition that scientists are considering the possibility of making it a viable treatment for it; It healed and reversed systemic corticosteroid-impaired muscle healing in mice. These results happened after the mice took one dosage of the peptide per day for 14 days; It fast-tracked the healing of segmental bone defect in rabbits.

TB-500 Thymosins were discovered in the mid 1960’s, when Allan Goldstein from the Laboratory of Abraham White at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York studied the role of the thymus in development of the vertebrate immune system. Since then, Dr. Goldstein founded a company that creates thymosin alpha 1 for the purpose of increasing immune cell activity, and thymosin beta 4 (TB-500) to promote wound repair and healing.TB-500 has been used extensively for race horses to prevent adhesions from forming, although it is not a prescription veterinary drug. It’s an injectable peptide with limited human use. Mostly, it’s limited to humans who like to experiment, although reports of human use of thymosin dates back as far as 1974 – when a young girl became the first person to receive injections of thymosin because she was diagnosed without a functioning thymus gland.TB-500 has been shown to offer many of the same effects of growth hormone (GH), including: -Increasing strength through muscle growth -Improving endurance -Speeding up the healing process for wounds -Reducing acute/chronic pain and/or inflammation -Increasing flexibility -Increasing hair growth


BPC-157 / TB-500 Healing Kit

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