How much should I take?
Finding the right dosage

This depends on your body weight. All of the research carried out so far has used rodent studies, the rats and mice are usually injected with an effective dosage thought to be around 10 μg (mcg) per KG, in humans this is thought to be around the equivalent loading of 1.6 μg per KG in humans, so if you are:

60 KG (132 lb.) then your ideal daily BPC-157 oral dose would be 96 μg (mcg)
70 KG (154 lb.) => 112 μg
80 KG (176 lb.) => 128 μg
90 KG (198 lb.) => 144 μg

With this said, those doses are a little on the low side of the doses taken by bodybuilders in the forum (again, this is bro-science experimentation, NOT medically studied dosages). Users here are regularly taking 250 mcg up to 500 mcg a day. There are even those taking super high doses of BPC-157 (1mg/day) without reported negative side effects. Again, we are definitely not recommending this.

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